Fax machine not working.

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Check to see if the fax machine is turned on.

Check to see if the cables are plugged into the back of the fax and the wall.

No dial tone?
Be sure that the phone jack that the fax is plugged into has a dial tone. Turn up the volume on the fax when dialling to hear the dial tone, actual phone number dialling and any busy signals or operator messages.

Error lights flashing?
Check the error display on the fax for jams, paper, ink, etc.

Dialling for accuracy?
Fax machine dialling is very similar to the phone. You must first dial a "9" for an outside line, then "1" and the area code (if needed) and then the number. If you are dialing a long distance number, you will need a long distance code. When sending a fax long distance, you will need to enter the phone number, as specified above, then insert a pause or break, and then enter the long distance code.

The fax still isn't working. Is it really a fax number?
To verify that a fax number is really connecting to a fax or that there is no interruption in the line, try dialing the fax number from your phone. You should hear a "screeching" and "beeping" noise on the line, indicating a connection to a fax machine. Then try your fax again.

Having trouble sending or receiving faxes.
If you feel you are having trouble receiving faxes, the Help Desk would be more than happy to send you a test fax for verification. You may also test your fax by sending a test message to the Computer Resource fax machine.
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