Computer will not connect to the Internet

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Check to see if the site you are trying to pull up is at fault by typing in a common URL to see if it will make it out to that site. ( This should take you to the yellow pages website.

Start by checking the network cable is properly connected to the modem or wall checking that it is not loose, unplugged or damaged.

Check to see if anyone else around you is having a similar problem. If so, there may be a service outage affecting a wider area. if so try calling your provider (e.g. BT) and check if there is anything wrong with the signal in your area.

Check where the network cable connection is made to the back of the computer, you should see a little green light right where the cable connects. If the light isn't on or flashing, then you are not getting a signal to the computer. If rebooting doesn’t fix it, contact the Help Desk or your ISP.
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