How to share a file on Windows

1- Enable file and printer sharing on each system:

Right click on network neighbourhood then click on properties. Make sure that "file sharing" is on (green dot) and that "password protected sharing" is on (green dot).

2- Share a folder on one or more systems:

Select a folder to share. Right click on it. Click on "properties". Click on the "sharing" tab. Click the "share" button. Click on the "share" button again. Click on "continue" if prompted. Click on "done". The folder in question should now have a new look, that indicates it is a shared folder.

3- Configure Workgroup for all systems that need access to share(s):

Right click on "My Computer". Click on "properties". Scroll to near the bottom of the page and view the "Workgroup" settings. Use the same Workgroup name for each system on your LAN. To change Workgroup name click on the "change settings" button here. Make sure you are using Workgroup name and NOT domain name.

4- Check for results:

Check from any other system to see if your shared folder is now visible on the network.

5- If you have followed this exactly and it is still not sharing:

You may need to enable "WSH" on your wireless router. Each router is different in the steps to enable "WSH" so I would need the manufacturer and model of the router as a start. The information should be in the router's manual.

After all of this if it is still not sharing, you may need a consultant to either walk you through on the phone or there could be something else preventing it from working.
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