How do I connect to my computer if it is in sleep or hibernate mode? (Wake-on-LAN) (Windows, Mac)

Settings on Streamers:

To connect to your computer when it is in Sleep or Hibernation mode, you need the following:

1. In the list of Splashtop Remote products below, find the product you are using and make sure you are using at least the version listed for that product:

- Client v1.7.0.2 or later for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch, client v1.0.5 or later for HP TouchPad, client v1.9.8.2 or later for Android - - HD, client v1.6.5.5 or later for Android non-HD.
- Streamer v1.7.0.1 or later for Windows computer.
- Streamer v1.7.0.2 or later for Mac OS X (10.6 Snow Leopard or above) computer.

2. Make sure your BIOS supports Wake-on-LAN, and that this option has been enabled. (This step pertains to PC only; Mac users can ignore this.)

3. Configure your computer to be Wake-on-LAN ready.

In Windows:

Enable Wake-on-LAN (WOL) in the system BIOS if you want to allow your computer to wake from a powered-off (i.e., Hibernate) state.
Configure your LAN network interface adapter (Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Network adapters).

For Mac users:

Make sure the Wake for network access option is selected in the Energy Saver settings.

4. Your computer must be connected to your wireless router using the network cable.

5. Manually create a new profile(tap '+' from the upper left corner when Splashtop Remote app launched), or save an old profile by editing its settings (i.e. change resolution).

6. After you have performed all the steps above, you should make a connection with the profile made in step #5. If all the requirements of WoL have been satisfied, a "Wake this computer" button will be shown in the Advanced setup menu.

7. If your computer is a laptop (for example, a NB, Mac Book Pro or Mac Book Air), please make sure the power cable is plugged in to an electrical power source. If you are using only battery power on the laptop, this may cause an attempt to use the WoL feature to fail.

II. Steps to trigger Wake-on-Lan on tablet/phone device:

Steps required to wake your computer from Sleep or Hibernation mode:

On your tablet/phone, tap the Splashtop Remote icon.
On the computer whose profile you would like to perform a "Wake-on-LAN," go to the Advanced Setup menu of that computer. To do so:

Tap on the > button on the computer profile of your choice even though it's in an unavailable state, then select Advanced from the Computer Settings menu. (This profile should be a manually created or saved one, not the auto-scanned.)
In the Advanced menu, tap on the Wake this computer option to attempt to wake up the PC computer from either Powered-off, Sleep or Hibernation, or a Mac computer from a Sleep state.

III. Wake-on-LAN usage timing and limitations:

PC ─ If your PC is in a Sleep, Hibernate, or powered-off state, Splashtop Remote can awaken it to a “waiting for login” screen via the “Wake-on-LAN” feature.

Type Sleep Hibernate Powered off
XP v N/A v
Vista v v v
Win7 v v v

Mac ─ If your Mac is in a Sleep, Display sleep, or powered-off state, currently Splashtop Remote can only awaken it to a “waiting for login” screen (via the “Wake-on-LAN” feature) when it is a Mac OS X 10.6.x and in Sleep mode (shown in the table below).

Type Sleep Display sleep Powered off
OS X 10.6.x v v ** x
OS X 10.7.0 v* v ** x
OS X 10.7.1 v* v ** x
OS X 10.7.2 v* v ** x

* A Lion computer could be awakened from Sleep mode to be Low Power wake mode, then connected to by tapping the computer profile again from a discovered computer list. Please note that it is essential that the Virtual Driver be installed. This is very different from the Snow Leopard computer. (If the first screen displayed on the tablet is abnormal, just tap again. This is a known issue and we are now working on fixing it.)

** When your computer goes to Display Sleep, the following conditions are basically necessary to awaken and connect your computer:

I. The time specified for Display Sleep in the Energy Saver screen (illustrated earlier) cannot be set to Never if your Mac Streamer is not v1.7.0.1 or above. ("Never" will cause Splashtop Remote to be unable to connect.)

II. Use "tap computer to connect" instead of clicking the Wake this computer button in the Splashtop Remote Desktop app.

III. The first "tap computer to connect" action will awaken the computer to a "waiting for login" screen. The second "tap computer to connect" action will then invoke the connection process.

IV. Before awakening the computer from Display Sleep mode, please pay attention to the following three items:

1. Install our Virtual Driver from the Mac Streamer/Settings/Advanced dialog.

2. When connecting by iPad, check the option "Mirror Displays" in System Preferences/Displays if it's not checked.

3. Don't use a resolution of 800 x 600. Instead, please use 1024 x 768 or Native resolution.

Currently it is not possible to awaken a Mac computer from a powered-off state via the WoL feature.
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