You are on a network and your computer cannot find a program or database file on the Server

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(If you are having trouble with any of this feel free to give us a call to arrange a time where we can come and do it for you)

Check to make sure that the network cable is properly plugged into the network card. Sometimes they come loose.

Check to insure that you are properly mapped to the server.

1) Double click on the "My Computer" icon, or "Computer" icon if using Vista or Windows 7, on your desktop.

2) Check for the icon pointing to the server, e.g., "C on Server (E:)."

If the pointing icon is not in the My Computer folder, map a drive to the server.

1) Right click on the "My Computer" icon.

2) Left click on "Map Network Drive."

3) Select the drive letter to map.

4) Fill in the path information pointing to the server, you can also use the drop down arrow to select the path.

5) Press OK
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